Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Terrain Tutorial : Easy and Affordable Tabletop Miniature Teepees By Duhamel

This short but fully illustrated tutorial by talented creator Duhamel shows you how you can build your own easy and affordable teepees for your miniature terrain collection. This tutorial is written for 28mm scaled miniatures but can easily be rescaled for other scales.

1) Draw the teepee template, you can find different models online to suit your requirements
2) The model is cut out and ready to be painted (artist acrylic paints)
3) The support poles are made of a bamboo table set or bamboo skewers, pole points are tapered
4) Glue the first three poles before closing the teepee for easy access (wood glue)
5) Glue in the other poles at a regular distance (wood glue)
6) Add iron wire to close of the teepee front as seen in the pictures
7) Cover the inside of the structure with wood glue to add more sturdiness
8) Base the finished structure to a wooden base and texture the base using woodglue, sand and stones
9) The actual build is now finished and ready to be painted and decorated

You can find more tabletop terrain tutorials on our Wargame News and Terrain tutorial page here allowing you to recreate even more affordable and easy scenery for your tabletop scenery collection. Thanks for reading and thanks to Duhamel for the content!


Paul´s Bods said...

Great tutorial. I´ve never thought of actually looking for a Teepee template, I´ve tried bodging some in the past but they never turn out looking right.

ernesto said...

Excellent! I really liked this tutorial...