Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scratchbuilding Terrain

Below you can some of scratchbuilding projects which were either done for my own terrain collection or for fellow wargamers looking for some affordable terrain. Interested, make sure to contact me for more information by using the contact form.

Scratchbuilding Project - Modular Generic Submarine - During this project the aim was to make a three part modular submarine which could easily be used for different settings. The final piece measures around 90cm and consists out of three hull parts and the conning tower. The modular approach allows the piece to be easily transported and storaged.

Scratchbuilding Project - Modular Irrigation System - During this project, the task was to build some modular irrigation channels to be used on the battlefields of modern day Afghanistan. As you can see these pieces can be arranged in a large variety of different poses but also allowing easy storage.

Scratchbuilding Project - Modular Middle East Compound - During this project, the aim was to recreate a Middle East compound to be used in modern day Afghanistan. Again the customer asked for a modular approach, so the buildings could be used to either represent a compound or small village.

Scratchbuilding Project - Spanish Napoleonic Town - This project's aim was to build a Spanish town to be used for Napoleonic wargaming in the Iberian Peninsula. The customer requested several town houses but also needed a center piece in the form of a small church.

Scratchbuilding Project - Modern Shanty Town - One of the smaller projects was this small collection of shanty huts usable for modern and futuristic settings. If I recall correctly these were also decorated with propaganda posters of a futuristic communist faction as requested by the customer.

Scratchbuilding Project - Middle East Adobe Village - This large project's aim was to build an entire village to be used in Sudan. As you can clearly see the collection includes loads of small adobe buildings and large buildings but also smaller pieces such as walls.

Scratchbuilding Project - Jungle Terrain Collection - The jungle project contains a large range of jungle bases in large and small configurations to allow maximal usage and coverage. These pieces were made for use in the Pacific and Vietnam if I recall correctly.

Under construction, more information and pictures coming soon

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