Friday, September 2, 2011

Part 1: Scratchbuild pirate ship

Hi, here are some pictures of a new scratchbuild! This time I'm doing an attempt to make a sturdy pirate ship. I was inspired to scratchbuild my own ship when I was going through some old pirate books. The hull of this ship was made out of a a mix of thick and thin cartonboard as is the upper structure. After I made the basic shape I decorated the hull and upper structure with scraps of thin wood and pieces of wood for the bow! The next step in the build is to decorate the cabin with small statues and all that sort of stuff. I'm also intending to make a railing out of push pins and pieces of wood.
A close-up of the cabin and the back of the ship. I've also started to build some small rowing boats which are each able to carry 8 sailors or soldiers. These boats are almost finished and will appear on the blog this month.

I hope you enjoyed this small side project!



Ray Rousell said...

Good job, it looks great, so far!!

Paul´s Bods said...

!!It looks great !!
I was thinking of making a medieval boat...
so questions;
1. what scale?
2. What did you use as the basic shape/form ?
3. With what type of glue are you sticking the cardboard?
4. what type of paint will you use to paint it.
This is a very interesting side project...more!!!!

Rodger said...

Looking really good . It's going to be impressive.

Dan said...

Looks good so far

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Hi thanks for commenting!

@Paul, the ship is made in scale 28mm and the basic shape was simply made out of two pieces of thin cartonboard that I've glued together. The deck was then simply added by cutting a slightly larger shape (which was the same as the one I used as the bottom of the ship). That shape I've glued into the thin cartonboard shape supported with some thick cartonboard pieces. For sticking the cartonboard together I alwys use a hot glue gun as with all my projects. the paints used will be cheap acrylic paints from a local discount shop mostly browns and some colors and maybe some gold for the decorations.

I hope it was helpful


Paul´s Bods said...

Thanks...I´ll be following this one.