Saturday, July 9, 2011

Warbases: Wooden bases

Hi, today I'm reviewing the bases of! Searching on the internet on how to base miniatures, I always found people are using all sorts of commercial or homemade bases. I've been making bases at home but could not reach the level of perfection I wanted! There for I contacted the people at Warbases for some samples for a review, the people were really helpful and sent me out a package of all sorts of bases. So here's a review for people who are doubting on how to base their armies in a cheap and nice way!

In general

The wooden bases made by the people of Warbases can be bought in two kinds of thickness namely two and three milimeters. This to fulfill the needs of wargamers who prefer thin bases so the bases blend in with the tabletop or wargamers who prefer to have thicker bases so they can move their armies around without the need of touching the miniatures themselves.

The second choice you need to make is to go for laser cut bases or just sawn bases. To make this choice much easier, I have included a photo of a laser cut base (the base on the right) and a sawn one. Personnaly I prefer the laser cut bases above the sawn bases as they seem to fit better when you rank them up. These bases cost about a third more but are still relativly cheap when mass-basing your army!


At Warbases you can bought bases in all sorts of forms such as square, rectangle, polygonic, circular! Well about everything you can imagine as they also offer custom bases adapted to your needs! To give you an idea of the square bases I added some pictures of the different thicknesses, lasered and sawn ones!

First of the lasered 3mm square bases (my prefered bases)!

Secondly the sawn 3mm square bases.

Thirdly the lasered 2mm square bases.

Fourtly the sawn 2mm square bases.

The prices of these bases are really cheap as can see the following list!

20mm x 20mm square bases (in packs of 30) £1.00*
40mm x 20mm square bases (in packs of 20) £1.00*
40mm x 40mm square bases (in packs of 16) £1.00*
50mm x 50mm square bases (in packs of 12) £1.00*

* for lasered bases + £0.50

For more information about the available range and prices go the well-designed website.

Movement trays

Warbases also offers an extensive range of movement trays for most of the available gaming systems such as War of The Rings, Flames of War, ... But if you want custom movement trays just sent them an email and probably they will be able to make these for you. An example of a custom movement tray suited for five Eurocents can be seen under this text. As a guide this custom base will cost you £0.80, ideal!

The movement tray with some miniatures based on five Eurocent pieces!


Your basing problems are solved, just go to and place your order as soon as possible! You will be impressed by the quality you receive and the price! You also don't need to worry but what if I need some custom base for my artillery or limbers?



Ray Rousell said...

I couldn't agree more, they're a fine bunch of fellows and they make an excellent product!!

МаксимС said...

Hi! Great idea to use a base fiberboard. Thanks for the idea.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Thansk for leaving a comment! Ray indeed they are a fine bunch of helpful people!

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