Thursday, January 23, 2020

AW Miniatures: Indian Mutiny Elephant Pulling Siege Gun Miniature Kickstarter!

AW Miniatures: This project will enable me finish and then manufacture an 28mm metal Indian Mutiny Elephant pulling a siege gun. As you can see I have already made the elephant and started the gun, I need to finish off the limber and gun, the straps for the elephant, and add an Indian figure to ride the elephant. Set includes: 1 X Elephant, 1 X Indian Rider, 1 X Limber and 1 X Heavy Siege Gun. I would really appreciate if you could support this project, which will enable me to design and produce this great addition to my current Indian Mutiny range. This could also be used for my 28mm 'Wellington in India' range. Check the full Kickstarter now here

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