Saturday, December 28, 2019

Perry Miniatures: "The War of the Triple Alliance" Miniatures

Perry Miniatures: A new range is coming! The War of the Triple Alliance (or the Paraguayan War) 1864-70. Yes, it’s pretty obscure but very interesting. Alan had been toying with this for some time. 

A few years back he painted a few plastic Union Infantry up to see if there was an easy way to represent the armies. This worked pretty well for the Brazilians, some Argentinian and some Uruguayan uniforms but not all and not for the Paraguayans really, so during the summer he embarked on this range. It’s always exciting to start a new range particularly if it’s relatively unheard of. So later in January the first thirteen packs will be available.

The War of the Triple Alliance was a South American war fought from 1864 to 1870, between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance of Argentina, the Empire of Brazil, and Uruguay. It was the deadliest and bloodiest inter-state war in Latin America's history It particularly devastated Paraguay, which suffered catastrophic losses in population (the numbers are disputed and the true mortality rate may never be known), and it was forced to cede territory in dispute with Argentina and Brazil. The war began in late 1864, as a result of a conflict between Paraguay and Brazil caused by the Uruguayan War. Argentina and Uruguay entered the war against Paraguay in 1865, and it then became known as the "War of the Triple Alliance".

The war ended with the total defeat of Paraguay. After it lost in conventional warfare, Paraguay conducted a drawn-out guerrilla resistance, a disastrous strategy that resulted in the further destruction of the Paraguayan military and much of the civilian population through battle casualties, hunger and disease. The guerrilla war lasted 14 months until President Francisco Solano Lopez was killed in action by Brazilian forces in the Battle of Cerra Cora on 1 March 1870. Argentine and Brazilian troops occupied Paraguay until 1876. Estimates of total Paraguayan losses range from 21,000 to 200,000 people. It took decades for Paraguay to recover from the chaos and demographic losses.

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