Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Printable Nerd Gear: Draconic Dice Crypt Kickstarter - The Last Dice Box You'll Ever Need!

Printable Nerd Gear is preparing to launch their upcoming Draconic Dice Crypt Kickstarter to fund a 3D printable dice box with a ton of secrets including 2 hidden compartments, multiple areas to store dice and/or miniatures, and the ability to use as a beer holder. Launching on Halloween!

What strikes more fear in the hearts of men than a great dragon? The rare one who slayed the dragon just to keep his dice inside its lifeless body. Harness the dark power of the feared beast and rise to legendary ranks. The Draconic Dice Crypt is imbued with hatred and vitriol which is guaranteed to improve your odds of a Critical D20 roll. In those rare instances when your dice still fail you, the Draconic Dice Crypt will not.

The corpse of this elder dragon will both carry and vigilantly protect many sets of dice, miniatures, or life counters while hiding your most prized dice sets in discrete, hidden compartments, deep within the underbelly of the beast. Take game night to the next level. Back us on Kickstarter for a special launch price and help us unlock all of the epic stretch goals. More information here

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