Saturday, July 20, 2019

Footsore Miniatures: New Barons' Wars Miniatures Preview

Footsore Miniatures: Many moons ago when I started with Footsore the first project I really, really wanted to do was the Barons' War(s). This is because I have three periods I am mad keen on over everything else which are Samurai (no surprise if you know me), The Norman Conquest (all of it) and The Barons' War(s).

Our very first Footsore project was going to be a game set during the First Barons' War which I am sure would have stretched to include the Second and I got so excited when Paul Hicks agreed to work with us as the sculptor. Fast forward a number of years and because of other projects, it never got off the ground. After recent discussions at Footsore it was agreed between us as a company we are no way closer to funding this project especially with everything we have in the pipeline so the earliest we would probably look at it again would be 2021! So because I really, really can't wait until then and after talks with Mr Hicks he and I have made the bold decision to make this range ourselves. (I am sure if I ask nicely Footsore Miniatures & Games will manufacture them). More news on this range and what we are going to do with it when we have news to share in the meantime here are the first pictures.

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