Monday, May 6, 2019

Artis Opus: Series D: Brush Set The Rebirth of Dry-Brushing... Kickstarter!

Artis Opus has launched their latest Kickstarter, this time to fund the Series D: Brush Set announced as the very rebirth of dry-brushing! Check this very popular new paint brushes Kickstarter now here

Following the successful completion of our previous project, Series S, and recent successful funding of Series M... We are proud to now launch our third brush range, Series D. The D, of course, stands for dry-brush! In its most simple form, dry-brushing is a painting technique that utilises the texture and volume of a model to pick up paint and highlight prominent details. This project is the result of questioning traditional tools and methods. For the first time ever, an alternatively designed drybrush has been produced purely for miniature painting. Series D rethinks and redefines drybrushing from the ground up.

Working in conjunction with two prolific and decorated painters and dry-brushing specialists, David Soper and Bohun, we are proud to have produced the finest quality dry-brushes that the miniature painting industry has ever seen. After 4 years of R&D, we are excited to finally bring you Series D: the rebirth of the dry-brush. With Series D brushes, you can achieve: Smoother volumes and flat areas, Perfect stippling, using the round head’s natural fade toward the edges, ‘Edge highlighting’ with minimal paint transfer on surrounding areas and more delicate dry-brushing, allowing for more subtlety, and looking after your models!

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