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The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2019 Picture Report

Today is the day - Salute 2019, the largest wargame convention in Europe takes place at the Excel Centre in London. As part of our annual real-time coverage of this great event organized by The South London Warlords, we have been busy gathering pictures from different sources (you could be one of them) to show you the great variety of display and demonstration games along with pictures of new miniatures releases and announcement of upcoming games or rules.

Also loads of pictures here at the @wnt_news Twitter

We will be constantly updated the list below (today and tomorrow) so if you to be linked to your own pictures or want to share another great source filled with pictures, send us a link in comments or through the contact widget. So it begins The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2019 Picture Report by Wargame News and Terrain, your daily source for the latest wargame news, tutorials and reviews!

The Salute 2019 Build Up and Trade Stands

- MiniBits Trading Stand Click here
- Macrocosm Miniatures Trading Stand Click here
- Siege Studios Trading Stand Click here
- Warbases Trading Stand Click here
- Loke Battle Mats Trading Stand Click here
- Casemat Publishing Trading Stand Click here
- Helion Books Trading Stand Click here
- Tim Prow's Diehard Miniatures Trading Stand Click here
- Northumbrian Tin Soldier Trading Stand Click here

Salute 2019 Discounts and Promotions

- Morgue Miniatures Miniatures Deal Click here
- Wayland Games Salute Deals Click here
- Wargames Atlantic 10% Off Skeletons an SciFi Troopers Click here
- Tiny Wargames 15% Off Wargame Mats Click here

Display and Demonstration Games

- Vimeiro 1808 Napoleonic Wargame by The Old Guard Click here
- Oshiro Model Terrain Limehouse Victorian Wargame Click here Click here
- Massive Mierce Miniatures Darklands Norse Harbor Wargame Click here Click here
- Osprey Games Popular Gasland Post-Apoc Vehicular Wargame Demo Click here
- This is Not a Test Post-Apoc Wargame Demo Game Click here
- Modiphius Entertainment Fallout Wasteland Warfare Demo Game Click here
- 4th Quarter Football Demo Game Click here
- Stargate SG1 Miniature Wargame Click here
- General d'Armee Rules Ligny 1815 Wargame Click here
- The Drowned Earth Miniature Game Display Click here Click here
- The Friends of General Haigh Battle of Lutzen Wargame Click here Click here
- Pendraken Miniatures BKCIV Wargame Click here
- Rebels and Patriots Wargame Osprey Games Click here Click here
- Flash Gordon Massive Lego Wargame Click here
- Essex Warriors Wargame Club Wargame Click here
- Wild West Exodus Demo Game and Display Click here Click here
- Warbases All for One Musketeers Game Click here
- Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command Malaya Game Click here Click here
- Awesome Post Apoc Escape from Brexit Game Click here
- Belgian Revolution 1830 Wargame Click here
- Ares Games Tripods and Triplanes Wargame Click here Click here
- Gringo40's Miniatures Excellent Oriental Black Flags Wargame Click here
- Massive Bloody Omaha World War Two Wargame Click here
- Even More Cool Wargame Demo Games Click here
- Last Living Soul Demo Game Click here
- The Other Side Demo Games Click here
- Byblos Raiders of the Crusader Keep Demo Game Click here
- The Horror of Aughrim 1691 Wargame Click here
- To The Strongest Wargame Click here

New Salute 2019 Previews, Miniatures, Games and Scenery

- Tiny Wargames Cobblestone Stone Mousepad Roads Click here
- Warlord Games Black Seas Naval Wargame Preview Click here
- Warbases New Napoleonic Prussian Buildings Click here
- Northstar Miniatures Oathmark Fantasy Goblin Wolf Riders Preview Click here
- Perry Miniatures Plastic French Line Infantry 1807-1814 Preview Click here Click here
- Perry Miniatures Plastic World War Two American Infantry Click here Click here
- Warlord Games Bolt Action Korea War Miniatures Preview Click here
- Renedra New Plastic Dark Ages Buildings Click here Click here
- Wargames Atlantic Fantasy Skeletons Preview Click here
- Sally 4th Comic Albedo SciFi Animal Infantry Click here Click here
- Kharn Ages Fantasy Miniatures Click here
- Osprey Games Oathmark and Frostgrave Miniatures Click here
- Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badger Miniatures Click here
- ModBlokz Cool Scifi Scenery Preview Click here
- Warbases New Three Musketeers Miniatures Click here
- Salute 2019 Convention Post-Apoc Miniature Click here
 - Fenris Games Masterbluster Character Release Click here
- Firefirge Games Battlefleet WWII Game and Miniatures Preview Click here
- Bad Squiddo Games Napoleonic Female Character Click here
- Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badgers Miniatures Click here Click here
- Sarissa Precision Japanese Mountain Village Click here
- Creature Caster Miniature Monsters Click here
- White Dragon 15mm SciFi Miniatures Click here
- Crann Tara Miniatures Seven Years War Click here
- Fireforge Games Fantasy Forgotten Worlds Miniatures Plus Historical Click here Click here
- Warploque Miniatures ArcWorlde Miniatures Fantasy Click here
- Oshiro Miniatures New Japanese/ Chinese Buildings Click here
- Dust Miniatures Weird World War Two Miniatures Click here
- Warlord Games Konflikt '47 Weird World War Two Miniatures Click here
- Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus Miniatures and Game Click here
- Mantic Games Hellboy Miniatures and Kings of War Vanguard Click here
- Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badgers Miniatures and Game Click here
- The Plastic Soldier Company Red Alert SciFi Space Battles Click here
- Archon Studio Starcide Miniatures and Scenery - New Game Click here
- 4Ground Scenery - Wild West, Fantasy and SciFi Click here
- Mierce Miniatures Fantasy Darklands Miniatures Click here
- TT Combat Scifi Scenery and More Click here
- TT Combat Dropfleet Commander Game Click here

Salute 2019 Blogger Coverage

- Tiny Hordes Blog Coverage Click here
- Big Lee's Miniature Adventures Blog Coverage Click here Click here Click here
- Wargaming Girl Blog Coverage Click here
- Legatus' Wargame Armies Blog Coverage Click here
- A Wargaming Gallimaufry Blog Coverage Click here
- Roll a One Blog Coverage Click here

Salute 2019 Videos!

More coming very soon!

Our own coverage starting from the build up to Salute showing the discounts, new releases and other cool information (including online discounts!) can easily be found below. Note that this an extensive list with loads of posts so if you reach the bottom of the posts after clicking make sure to click older posts and repeat untill you're tired or at the end!

The latest Salute 2019 convention News and Deals here

You can find our previous The Big Wargame Convention Salute Picture Reports covering the previous three years here. We hope all links are still working as we mostly directly link to the source to give our sources credit for picturing this great event.

- The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2014 Picture Report Click here
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You can help us with your news/link and we will add you to our growing list! Feel free to link to this most complete Salute 2019 overview on your social media, Reddit, website or blog!

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