Saturday, April 6, 2019

Breaking! Warlord Games: New Bolt Action Korea War Miniatures Salute 2019 Preview

Warlord Games previewed their new Bolt Action Korea War Miniatures!

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Workingstiff said...

I'm glad to see miniatures made in this range for the "Forgotten War".

I'm disappointed by the MASH TV figures, however. That show made light of sacrifices made by the US and other nation soldiers that saved South Korea from becoming an Orwellian nation that is North Korea today under Kim Jong. The TV show showed Chinese and NK POW's in a positive light, instead of the fanatics among them that would riot and be dangerous to leave unguarded. The MASH show never, ever addressed the atrocities committed by the Chinese and the NK troops against US POW's, as well as Korean civilians.

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