Thursday, August 9, 2018

Steel Dreadnought Games: Naval Thunder: Battleship Row Rules Discounted

Steel Dreadnought Games: Naval Thunder: Battleship Row brings exciting World War 2 action to your tabletop!  Whether you are a fan of majestic battleships or powerful carriers, Naval Thunder: Battleship Row is fast paced, and easy to learn, and gives you the opportunity to recreate the famous naval battles of the Second World War, or to create your own!  Extensive research to ensure the rules produce historically congruent battle outcomes is integrated into the rules "behind the scenes." 

The combat system has been lovingly crafted to recreate the feel of naval combat.  There are no abstract attack values or tables to cross reference.  When you fire a broadside of 16" guns at a distant battleship you will roll a die for each gun in the broadside, quickly determine if each shell hits, and whether it penetrates the armor of the target to inflict critical damage.  The process of combat resolution is exciting and its speed leaves you free to focus on commanding your battlefleet and wrestling with tactical decisions. . . instead of math.

Naval Thunder: Battleship Row includes complete data cards for 92 classes of ships representing every major combatant of the US and Japanese fleets.  Aircraft and submarine rules are seamlessly integrated with the surface combat rules so you can recreate the entire battlespace.  Like all our Naval Thunder products, Battleship Row includes a robust modular optional rule system that allows you to tailor the pace of the game and level of detail to your individual preference.

Just a few of the dozens of optional rules include:

- Limited ammunition
- Night battles
- Crew quality modifiers.
- Land-based aircraft.
- Faulty U.S. torpedoes.
- Declining quality of Japanese damage control.
- Shortcuts for running large numbers of destroyers 

. . . and much much more!

By using the optional rules, you can make the game a highly detailed system suitable for exciting single ship duels, or a higher-level fast moving game for recreating huge fleet actions. Naval Thunder: Battleship Row consists of several files.  The rules file (previewed below) clearly explains and provides examples for all the basic and optional rules.  Also included as separate files are the data cards, play aids (including quick reference sheets), and an optional MS Excel tool for even faster printing of data cards. 

At Steel Dreadnought Games, we are committed to bringing our fans the most exciting miniatures games on the market, and providing ongoing support for our entire range to keep your gaming experience fresh.  The first expansion for Naval Thunder: Battleship Row - Bitter Rivals is now available and provides additional fleets, historical scenarios, and expanded scenario rules.  Check out the Naval Thunder: Bitter Rivals product description for more details!

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