Thursday, July 12, 2018

BigRedBat: To the Strongest! Ancient and Medieval Rules Flash Summer Sale

BigRedBat: I will be holding a worldwide 25%-off flash sale of the “To the Strongest!” ancient and medieval wargames rules, lasting until midnight UK time on Wednesday 18th July.  If you are going to Historicon and plan to play in the TtS! game there, this is a great chance to pick up the rules cheaply and do some reading before the event! 

TtS!’s unique activation mechanism and grid system enables battles to be fought to a bloody conclusion in around 90 minutes. The rules are supported by over 180 free army lists and games can be fought with miniatures in any scale (from 2mm to 54mm) and with any basing system. The digital version of the rules and the hard copy rules are both currently discounted by 25%. Check the webstore here and grab your discounted rules

1 comment:

Gonsalvo said...

We had a dozen players for the game last night, based upon Geronium 217 BC; at l;east half were new to the rules. Hopefully some of them, take advantage of the sale!

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