Saturday, June 23, 2018

Steepled Hat Studios: New Desert Empires Guard Tower

Steepled Hat Studios: This Desert Guard tower was created with 25 / 28 mm wargaming in mind. Using elements based off of both real world historical findings and fantasy, Steepled Hat Studios has created this prepainted resin tower for gamers who just want to get right into the thick of things! Just open up the box and this scenery piece is ready to see action! Available here and here

Perhaps you need a place for your mummies to chill out? Are the Assyrians on a rampage and some Lamassu are at home protecting the realm? Maybe you're raiding the tombs of some forsaken desert land and need a place to store your loot? Are the Macedonians coming and you need your Persians on look out? Want to watch the Seleucid Elephant Parade from within the tower? 

Designer's Notes: When I first built this tower's blueprints I was studying the ruins of Persian cities Pasagarde and Persepolis and really wanted to build something with the Gate of All Nations (another structure built with Lamassu involved). However, I did not find or recall any battles that took place near or within the direct vicinity of the gates, so I decided to get a little creative with it.

The Middle east is littered with ancient citadels and watch towers, and it did not take me long to find a tower style that I liked and appreciated. Lamassu are a sort of "Guard" or protective deity in Babylonian based religion and by putting them within the walls of a guard tower, I just thought it made sense! 

Once the tower was released and I first began selling the piece, a fellow on one forum I like to post my army progress and projects on took a look at it and said something like "I sure hoped you shared this piece with the Chaos Dwarf Community". Oh Man! I honestly hadn't even thought of Chaos Dwarves are their Lamassu. I was then reminded of the Infernal Dwarves and The Ninth Age , where dwarves that would very much appreciate such a tower still existed...

It seems then my initial goal was realised - to create something that could be used in historical wargames but also be placed and make sense in the Fantasy realm! With this first product I approached The Ninth Age forum admin group and have decided to create products that can be perfectly compatible in T9A also while satisfying my own historical tastes.  

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