Thursday, June 14, 2018

Playmats.EU: Resinarium Bridges - High End Terrain for Wargames Kickstarter

Playmats.EU: The world of wargaming terrain is pretty plentiful. There's plenty of huts, houses, towers, hills and so on. Additionally, the terrain is often made of cheap plastic and comes unpainted.

Enter Resinarium Bridges, a new line of products by Playmats.Eu. With the new brand, they hope to provide customers with high-end 3D terrain: the sculpts are detailed and made of resin, and they come hand-painted out of the box (though there is an option to buy a plain resin cast too). Anyone looking for a nice-looking tactical chokepoint for their battles, can back their Kickstarter to bring the new line to life. You can see the campaign here

If it sounds like something up your alley don't wait too long - in the first 48 hours of the campaign, every backer gets one of their modular rivers (with an anti-slip foam base) for free. You can currently choose from four models: Wooden, Stone, Orcish Wooden and Orcish Stone. The first two fit pretty much any heroic-scale game, while the latter will please the greenskin fans. The creators anticipate the usual Stretch Goal fare that comes with every Kickstarter, but in a rather nice twist, they also don't require you to make a decision on the Bridge model(s) the moment you pledge. As more options are to be unlocked during the campaign, you will choose which models you'd like to receive in the Pledge Manager.

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