Sunday, June 17, 2018

Forge of Ice: The Eye of the Cyclops Booklet and Miniatures Kickstarter

Forge of Ice: A complete encounter set for tabletop and role-playing games. Game booklet and miniatures, system neutral. Check the Kickstarter here and grab some great miniatures!

"Once every generation, they come.  Footsteps in the night, mysterious disappearances, tuneless chants echoing down deserted streets, and one crimson eye, flickering madly in the darkness..."

Hi!  Welcome to the second Kickstarter from Forge of Ice!  I'm Alex, and I run the Forge of Ice here in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Eye of the Cyclops is a full encounter set for tabletop Role-Playing Games or miniature wargames.  This is my first game booklet, it details the Cult of the Eye, a secretive Cyclops-worshipping cult that menaces the lost city, Azor.  This is a 30 page system-neutral booklet, light on rules but heavy on background detail.  It comes with a set of four 30mm scale miniatures, a treasure item, and a terrain piece.  Stretch goals will expand this set with additional miniatures, accessories, and more!

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Alxbates said...

Thanks for the signal boost! I'm happy to answer any questions or talk about the set, just ask :)

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