Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Element Games: The Drowned Earth Miniature Skirmish Game and Miniatures!

Element Games has just announced that they are now also stocking the cool The Drowned Earth miniature skirmish game and miniatures which were succesfully funded through Kickstarter.

The Drowned Earth is a world where heroes and villains risk the hazards of the wild for glorious riches and ancient technologies! For hundreds of years nature reclaimed the earth, pre-historic monsters ruled the wilds, while the survivors of the cataclysm known as "The Event" struggled to survive. Now a New Enlightenment has dawned, and the fragile glimmer of civilisation has begun to shine. Now the fight is on for who will control this precious knowledge. Which side will you take?

The Drowned Earth is a tabletop miniatures game where brave heroes and villains risk the dangers of the wilds for glorious riches and ancient technology! Played on a 3ftx3ft table with 5-15 models a side, TDE is a game of dynamic movement, cinematic action and narrative gameplay, where risk vs reward must be weighed every turn.

Grab the excellent The Drowned Earth game and miniatures now here at Element Games and make sure to use our exclusive TIM940 referral code for double loyalty points!

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