Thursday, May 17, 2018

Victrix: New Plastic Dark Ages Miniature Range Preview

Victrix announced that they are working on a new Dark Ages miniature range in hard-plastic! We have been asked many times why Victrix has chosen to create a Dark Age range when there are so many other manufacturers that already have extensive ranges of Vikings, Saxons, Normans etc established in the wargames market.

This is very true but the way our design team have developed over the past 2 years we really believe we can add a new positive twist to this very popular period. We should have the first Viking renders ready to show in about a week. These are based on the concept sketches illustrated below this text. Attention to detail such as natural body positions, fabric textures, the way hair looks and hangs, the character in the faces and may other details is what we will focus on to make sure our Dark Age range really stands out. Of course they will also look terrifying.

Initial work has stated on The Vikings and initial thoughts are a set of between 48-56 figures. This would comprise both armoured and unarmoured warriors plus command figures to include nobles, standard bearers, musicians, bersekers and champion figures. Again the command frame would include lots of head, weapon, arm options. LittleBigMenStudios have committed to producing an extensive range of shield transfers and banners. 

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