Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kerberos Productions: Free 3D Printable Science Fiction - The Pit Board Game Kickstarter Miniatures

Kerberos Productions: Kerberos Productions, the makers of the classic 4X Space game Sword of the Stars, have launched their new tabletop division with a unique promo campaign: free 3D miniatures for your home printer.

The Pit: The Board Game is the team’s first project for the tabletop gaming market, a science fiction dungeon crawler with cooperative play and custom minis. To promote the crowdfunding campaign for the game, the team has made 3D print files for their colorful sci-fi characters available for free on Thingiverse. Check the free miniatures here

Today’s free files are a squad of four Space Marine minis, featuring a variety of creative Army Men poses, including the classic Prone Rifleman and Kneeling Rifleman from the Tim Mee toys of the 1960's. Kerberos artist John Yakimow has translated the lively characters and monsters of the original video game into board game miniatures using a FormLabs Form 2 (3D) printer for prototyping.

The Pit Board Game Kickstarter is currently ongoing, and offers a Base Game with four custom miniatures, 32 custom dice, over 700 cards, and a variety of other game pieces for CAN$65, a little over USD $50 or €42. The full collection of 3D print files for all Characters and monsters in the game can be added to the Base Game for USD $118/ € 93. Check the Kickstarter here

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