Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hexy Models: Hard City Miniature Board Game Kickstarter - New Co-operative Mode and Social Stretch Goal!

Hexy Models updated their Hard City Miniature Board Game Kickstarter with a new social stretch goal and the new playable co-operative mode. Check the Hard City Board Game Kickstarter here

A new day is dawning over Hard City, no one has to be the bad guy anymore... We are very proud to announce that our game will also feature a fully co-operative gameplay mode, which so many of you requested in the comments. So now Hard City is both a 1 vs All and full co-op game, and yes, we are also thinking about solo!

Secondly, we have another Social Stretch Goal for you. The first one got unlocked yesterday, so instead of black and white comic book art on Skill cards you will get it in full color. Thanks for sharing our FB post over 50 times!  You wanted alternative Civilian sculpts, so come and get them! Go here, leave a comment and tag a friend. After 50 comments, we will include four male and four female Civilians in each Hard Set. Deal?  

On the top of the campaign page you may also see the full content of the Hard Set pledge now, even the items that have not been unlocked yet. We want you to see what is still to come, but to be able to actually include all these goodies in the game, we need more recruits! So please share the link to our campaign and FB fanpage, spread the word and tell your friends how awesome Hard City is. And how more awesome it will get with them on board! Check the Kickstarter for the Facebook links

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