Monday, May 14, 2018

Empress Miniatures: New World War Two GIs, Germans, Romanians and Modern Unmentionables

Empress Miniatures: We've a huge catch-up today with new sets for both World War 2 and Moderns. Firstly from ourselves we have new GI M19 MG support teams (moving and firing) and German tank-hunter teams (fausts and schreks). We are really proud of these and hope you'll agree that they are up to our usual standards.

Next we have the brilliant new range of Tsuba Miniatures World War 2 Romanians. This much needed range is very complete and beautifully sculpted. Finally we have updates to our Modern ranges which include a motley group of experienced Mercs - each probabaly coming with a long back-story and as a group able to cause mayhem while getting the job done. Sometimes known as The Unmentionables, these guys can make all the difference while planning a special mission!

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