Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Breaking! Ebor Miniatures: Plastic Seven Years War French Infantry Kickstarter Launched

Ebor Miniatures launched their Kickstarter to fund their first plastic boxed set of Seven Years War French Infantry! The plastic kit will be sculpted by Matt Bickley and produced by Renedra, the UK's leading independent hard-plastic miniature tooling company!

The aim of this project is to manufacture a box of high quality 28mm hard plastic miniatures for the French Infantry of the seven years war. The box will contain 30 marching musketeer figures, two officers two officer ensigns a drummer and NCO. It will also contain heads for grenadiers in bearskin bonnets and Tricorn's with moustached faces to create marching Grenadier figures. To achieve this I have employed a world class designer in Matt Bickley who has worked for numerous companies to create top quality plastic miniatures over many years. Check the Kickstarter here

Also I have agreed with the world leading plastic miniatures manufacturer Renedra that they will manufacture the kit. The expertise of both Renedra and Matt are second to none and it was their agreement to help me create this kit that convinced me to go ahead with this project.. In an ideal world I would have the resources to create this kit using my own finance but as a one man company I don't have the resources so I decided to try and finance the kit through Kickstarter.

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