Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Grenzer Games: New Hard Plastic 15mm Imperial Roman Army Kickstarter Preview

Grenzer Games: Our sculptor has done a fantastic job on these. Should be getting the STL files fairly soon, so we will be able to get some test 3D prints made and show you all how the figures look in the actual flesh.

These figures will be multi-part, due to the moulding process, mostly just the arms and shields though. If enough people request it we might throw in some head swaps as well when we add the other Legionary figures to this initial batch.

There will be 5 command poses (An optio will be added during the kickstarter campaign) and between 6 and 8 Legionary poses (the remaining poses added during kickstarter). The intention is to give potentially 4 ranks of figures, all with at least 2 poses, that can either be mixed up for a more disordered look to a unit or regimented so that each rank is performing a specific role. The ranks will be (from front to rear): Fighting, En Guard, Throwing pilla and Advancing with pilla

If we hit our KS goal early enough we will have time to add: 

- Auxilliar melee troops and archers
- Light infantry
- Cavalry (including light cavalry)
- A campaign set with Testudo, different commanders, dead figures and ammo figures
- Artillery and seige equipment
- Camp and baggage train

The intention is to create as comprehensive a collection as possible, including items that are hard to come by for 15mm. The more you guys comment on, share and like our posts and page and the more support you give us at this stage of the process, the bigger and better the kickstarter will be.

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