Sunday, April 29, 2018

Crooked Dice: New Children of the Fields - 7TV Horror Kickstarter

Crooked Dice: On Tuesday 1st May at 8pm, we'll be launching our first Kickstarter campaign! It will run for two weeks and aims to fund the production of over 20 miniatures and a new PDF Programme Guide and deck of profile cards for a folk horror cast - the Children of the Fields. 

Children of the Fields has been an idea since 1st edition 7TV - based on one of Helena Nash's wonderful TV listings in the first rulebook.  Inspired by many influences from the darker side of 70s children's television and fiction, this folk horror programme guide draws on the spirit of Summerisle, Devil's End, Mileaway, Milbury and many more to help create the village of Winterly and it's bizarre inhabitants. The miniatures have been brought to life by the talents of Ernst Veingart, Steve Saleh, Andrew May and Iain Colwell. If the campaign is successful it will unlock even more miniatures including three large resin creatures.

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