Monday, April 16, 2018

Breaking! Fireforge Games: Plastic Byzantine Archers, Cavalry and More Plastic Fantasy Miniatures

Fireforge Games announced the future plans for their growing historical and fantasy miniature ranges with more details about their exciting Forgotten World fantasy range. Check the full article below to check their latest news and previews.

Historical Ranges

Looks like Fireforge Games is mostly focusing on new plastic and resin miniatures for their Byzantine miniature range which is already featuring a resin command unit and plastic boxed set containing spearmen. The newly announced plastic boxed sets for this range are units which allow you to fully field a plastic Nikephorian and Thematic Byzantine army with all necessary elements such as army command, normal and light infantry, archers and cavalry.

The Byzantine Archers set will be available by the end of july. The box will allow you to assemble up to 10 armoured archers, up to 10 unarmoured archers, up to 10 javelinmen, up to 5 slingers. In total you will be able to assemble up to 25 models. We added several head options and details to customize your soldiers.

The Byzantine Cavalry set is work in progress, we are currently sculpting the parts and we have not a release date because we will have a date only when we will be satisfied of the sculpting work (we posted a picture of a work we are doing on the bardings, you saw just a wip but we want give more movement to these armours) 

Fantasy Ranges

The project of our Forgotten World starter set is going forward without delays. We planned to launch the kickstarter during this summer, but if we will go to August as the month when we will have all ready, we will launch the campaign for September avoiding the holiday month. The starter set will contain rules to play a regimented or a skirmish game, with a set of statistics to use also other classical races like orks, elves and dwarfs for example.

All the figures done have a lot of separate parts like scabbards, quivers, heads, arms, shields, puches, daggers, torsos, bodies, legs... you will be able to customize a lot your figures if you will want. Any set will contain a command frame to let you assemble 3 figures for each set like a command option with banners, musician and leader and with more options to customize your models.

The human faction of the Northmen will have: Set of warriors: you will be able to assemble on every 12 models, all with swords, all with spears and up to 6 with two handed spears, set of bowmen: you will be able to assemble on every 12 models, 12 guys with normal arrows or 6 with flaming arrows and a set of cavalry: you will be able to assemble on every 6 models, 6 knight lancers or 6 knights with sword.

The Living Dead will have set of civilian plagued: a set with civilian now living dead between female and male models with different weapons, set of soldiers plagued: a set with different type of human soldiers from different kingdoms with different armours now living dead and a set of horsemen plagued: a set of soldiers like above. These miniatures will not be zombies or skeletons but more like decaying human bodies, they are referencing The Living Dead movie.

As you can see these boxed sets won't contain large numbers of miniatures but will be sold at lower prices compared to their historical counterparts. The named numbers in each set are 12 miniatures due to the space taken by components and options with obviously a different price than our current sets (lower). More figures in the starter, but we are still working on.

Note that the miniatures for their Forgotten World fantasy range resemble the Game of Thrones House Stark faction very well. Although they are actually just some cool looking soldiers in suitable winter gear. Looks like Fireforge Games has been in contact with HBO, the producer of the Game of Thrones television series but they were not selling the licence at the time so they decided to develop their own Forgotten World fantasy background and setting.

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