Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Black Scorpion Miniatures: Salute 2018 - Tombstone Range Release, Limited Salute Character and More

Black Scorpion Miniatures: As always we'll be at Salute in London's excel arena, the biggest show on the calendar! 

This year marks the single biggest set of releases we've put out on one day! Along with the Tombstone rulebook we'll have available nearly the entire new range, around 100 miniatures! (They're due for a staged release online in the coming months)  These can all be seen on the workbench here- note the only faction not for sale on the day will be the 7th cavalry). We are likely to sell out fast of these so come by early! 

In addition we have another Salute limited edition miniature. Limited to 100 (90 on the day, 10 on ebay). We've also made an Ogre team at great value for our football range! The team consists of 4 Ogres, 14 snots (10 different ones+4 repeats) for just £30! Two additonal Ogres can be bought for £12 giving you the option to field any team line up you choose. Ogre team: £30 (4 Ogres +14 snots)

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