Friday, March 2, 2018

Steel Fist Miniatures: Steel Fist Miniatures 28mm Landsknechts Are Now Available!

Steel Fist Miniatures released their brand new and highly-detailled Landsknecht miniatures! Steel Fist Miniatures shares the following news: We’re confident that these are the most detailed and historically accurate figures of Landsknecht mercenaries for the Italian Wars period. All figures are finely sculpted and based on contemporary illustrations and armour. These Landsknecht figures can also be used as Swiss reislaufer, as much dress and attire was common in this period.

We'll be extending this Landsknecht range in 2018. We’ll also be adding other important troop types for the early Renaissance period campaigns in Italy between the French, Imperial and Italian States armies.

The first release packs are:

LAN 01. Landsknechts – unarmoured front ranks, open-handed.
LAN 02. Landsknechts – armoured front ranks, open-handed.
LAN 03. Landsknechts – unarmoured middle ranks, open-handed.
LAN 04. Landsknechts – armoured middle ranks, open-handed.
LAN 07. Landsknechts – Command. Captain, drummer, fifer & standard bearer.
LAN 08. Landsknechts – Mixed Shot. 2 arquebusiers & 2 crossbowmen.
LAN 10. Landsknechts – Melee. Fighting hand-to-hand with halbards and swords.

Each pack contains 4 different figures, with 4 different separate heads. Nearly all heads are interchangeable with other packs, to maximise variety within units and armies. Separate scabbarded swords are also included. Open-handed figures can be used as either pikemen or halbardiers. See all Landsknechts packs and accessories at

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