Friday, March 30, 2018

Slug Industries: The Sailboat Malarkey - 28mm Pirate Ship Kickstarter Launched

Slug Industries launched their The Sailboat Malarkey - 28mm Pirate Ship Kickstarter to fund the release of their new pirate ship and Paul Hicks sculpted pirate character. Check the Kickstarter here

Emerging from the mists of a secluded cove on the Spanish Main the Malarkey delivers dread into the hearts of the bravest soul. The Malarkey is a truly sizeable ship model for your gaming delight. At approximately 34cm (13.5in) long, 24cm (9.5in) High, 12cm (4.25in) wide on the hull, and 16cm (6.25in) wide on the mast she cuts a fine figure on any gaming table. Lovingingly hand built and cast this is an opportunity to get yourself an exclusively unique model ship for your collection. It's supplied as an easy to build seventeen piece kit, mainly resin, with white metal (pewter) components and one piece of dowel. The finished model weighs approximately 1.5 kg (3.3lb)

If that's not enough to salt your barnacles there's also a Kickstarter exclusive Pirate miniature sculpted by Paul Hicks, who was picked as he's simply the best historical miniature sculptor in the world. You can buy this seperately in resin, or have a metal version free with each "Malarkey". It fits well with all leading brands of pirate figures as you can see from the comparison picture below. Also there's a limited number of Spanish Gold chocolate coins, a bag is included in the early bird "Early in the Morning" pledge, there's a limited number of others (about 25) which will be included in pledge packages on a first pledge, first served basis.

Phil at Slug Industries has kindly donated a limited edition resin pirate so we will be doing a give-away on Wargame News and Terrain but more on that later so keep an eye out! Arrrrrrrrrrrr!

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