Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pigeon Guard Games: New Telephone Kiosk, Control Centre Equiment and Village Deals!

Pigeon Guard Games: Pigeon Guard Games are back with two new products and some hot bundle deals to help you escape from the Village.

Telephone Kiosk - You are new in town, the digital age has yet to happen, so no mobile, and you need to make an urgent call. Then head over to the Telephone Kiosk, pick up the high tech cordless phone and press for information, but remember..........local calls only! This mixed media kit will enable you to add some attractive street furniture to your spy- fi layout, As part of the kit you get an additional logo backboard option free, so you can make one of two styles of Phone Kiosk. Telephone Kiosk £5.99

Control Centre Equipment - Super villains have big egos, and for that you need a big chair. To manage a huge evil empire you also need a high tech control console. Luckily this set has both, it also has somewhere for the minions to sit. This mixed media kit will allow you to make an operations centre for your spy- fi layout. The console itself requires very little painting and has various printed sections including the control surfaces like switches, buttons and lights. The resin Globe chair can be positioned at various height levels using the plinths supplied, right up to maximum intimidation level! An mdf base and two resin Tulip chairs are also provided. Control Centre Equipment £11.99

Village Bundle Deal 1

Telephone Kiosk
Control Centre 
actual price £46.96  Deal price £40.00  (saving £6.96) post free

Village Bundle Deal 2

telephone Kiosk
Control Centre
Actual price £21.97 Deal price £17.50 (saving £4.47) post free

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