Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Perry Miniatures: Salute 2018 Release - Plastic French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-15 Boxed Set

Perry Miniatures: For Salute this year we will be releasing the plastic set of French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-15!

In a week or so we should have the first shots of them to show you, but for now here’s the cover art by Peter Dennis and a few of the illustrations for the colour guide by Alan. The box will contain 14 mounted figures. Four uniform variants will be included in the box; campaign and full dress for 1808-12 and campaign and full dress for 1812-15. During this period the coat changed from the single breasted Kinski coat to the lapelled Spencer coat around 1812 although the latter probably took a while to replace the former. Both types are presented in this set, along with elite company uniforms. The figures in the Kinski coat can also be used as Hussars in campaign dress. We will be at Stand TE 16 at Salute (NOT TF 09 shown in the recent Salute plan).

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