Thursday, March 15, 2018

Badger Games: Bear's Den's Long Hibernation is Over!

Badger Games: So, that was our clever tag line. Other runners up were "And Den Dey were back", "Grin and Bear it" and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being...Made of Pewter." However you say it, Bears Den Miniatures are back and at Badger Games.
Years ago, Bears Den Miniatures bust upon the scene with a lot of very unique, very niche miniatures...and then...disappeared. Badger has purchased all of the master molds we could lay our grubby little hands on and begun the very long process of making all new production molds, replacing lost or destroyed codes, sculpting brand new codes and generally bringing back Bear's Den range by range. The process will not be quick and you may not enjoy it.
First up are the Inuit. Bears Den has released and rereleased 7 packs with 28 figures. Many of them are new and never seen before. Up next are the dog sleds, civilians and casualty figures again with many brand new figures. Later in 2018, we will release a number of figures from Inuit mythology and great white north cryptids to allow you a full range of adventures on the frozen tundra. Stop by the site because Bear's Den is back and available only at Badger Games!

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