Friday, February 2, 2018

Seeadler Miniatures: Brigands & Bersaglieri 28mm Kickstarter

Seeadler Miniatures: Brigands & Bersaglieri is our new project. We have already done all the 3D sculptures, all the masters and the moulding tests. The results were great! We have to complete just the final step for the mass production and bring this project to life! Check the Kickstarter here

In the years following Unity (1861-1870), the new born Italy experienced a tormented period, in which the "Southern Question" took on the shape of a real Civil War. On one side were the troops of the Savoy Kingdom, of which the Bersaglieri were the elite corps. On the other one there were the irregular forces of the Brigands, skilled and strong men armed to the teeth. In short, the fight became a fierce guerrilla war, which bled Italy writing one of the darkest pages in its History. 

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