Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Badger Games: New Pontoonier Miniatures Victorian Colonial Third Anglo-Burma War Sikhs

Badger Games: Sikh and Yee Shall Find... Okay, so its a bad pun (our other choice was "Singh yee Choirs Triumphant"). But, these are fantastic figures for Pontoonier Miniatures' ever-expanding Victorian Colonial Third Anglo-Burma War range.

These Paul Hicks designed gems are 28mm Sikhs usable for a number of other late 19th Century conflicts on the Indian subcontinent including the 2nd Afghan War and the many expeditions and small wars made famous by Mr. Kipling and others. Pontoonier strives to make figures with the gamer in mind. So, you are spoiled for selection and in particular command types to give your tabletop units that Pontoonier Panache! 2018 looks to be a big year for Pontoonier with many exciting new ranges and expansions to existing ranges. This range will grow with more Indian troops, more British and the rerelease and expansion of the Burmese regulars. Pontoonier Miniatures are available exclusively at Badger Games!

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