Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Lazy Games: New Industrial Battleground Mat Released

The Lazy Games released this brand new Industrial Battleground gaming mat. The entire table is an actual physical sculpt, which has been hand sculpted and hand painted, and only later digitalized. The resulting piece is the result of several hours of tweaking, fixing and blending, to offer the most refined final look.

Check this most excellent gaming mat and the Round of Fire wargame rules here at The Wargame Vault and engage in deadly combat using the unique wargame rules and splendid wargaming surface!

Round of Fire is a skirmish game that simulates the dynamics of battle through a unique activation system.The game rules are tailored around the Wheel, a solution to break from the concept of turns and to consider the battle as a continuous flow of actions.

The turns Wheel - Players must make decisions at every point in the fight to effectively coordinate and manoeuvre their troops. Miniatures of many styles and scales can be used with the system, with players controlling anywhere between a handful to two dozen figures each. Figures and weapons are profiled through statistics that affect their use in the game and on the Wheel.

Card types provided - The 94 pages of the Core Rules allow games in virtually any setting, covering mechanics for firefights and close combat encounters. The manual also offers profiles for near-future battles, covering five factions representing tropes that span countless settings from highly trained elite troops to desperate scavengers, fictional militias to insurgents, or even swarms of mindless robots, with fourteen customizable types of troops presented and over thirty weapon types. There are nine playable scenarios in the manual as well, both symmetric and asymmetric, to provide competitive setups and more story-driven encounters. Example profiles for medieval and renaissance units and weapons are also proposed. Cards are also provided to keep track of units and weapons satitstics during the game, and tokens to be printed and cut for the wheel. Download the free boards and tokens here, and the free fillable cards templates here.

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