Saturday, January 13, 2018

Element Games: Age of Sigmar Nurgle Miniatures Pre-Order

Element Games launched the discounted pre-order for the brand new  Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Nurgle Characters! Check below for more information about these new characters and their background within Nurgle lore.

Beasts of Nurgle are slug-like monstrosities whose enormous bodies are weighed down with slime-slick muscle and blubber. Fanged maws yawn wide in their flesh, and an unspeakable reek wafts from their bodies – but for all their horrifying aspect, they are friendly and enthusiastic creatures. Their minds know nothing of malice or spite, and as they squirm into battle they do not seek to slaughter the enemy but to play with them. Beasts of Nurgle are always desperate for attention, and they hunt down new playmates with rambunctious glee. 

Putrid Blightkings that succeed in infecting 77 foes with a vile curse according to the Feast of Maggots are rewarded by becoming Pusgoyle Blightlords. Symbiotically connected to the Rot Fly that he receives, the Blightlord rarely if ever leaves its saddle. Between the powerful blows of the Blightlords themselves and the lashing limbs and biting maws of their mounts, a band of Pusgoyle Blightlords can shatter an enemy battle line in a single charge. Like a wound that admits a lethal infection, they tear open a gap for the rest of the Rotbringers to flow into and destroy the foe from the inside out. 

While the jokes and songs of Plaguebearers infected by the Chortling Murrain find little purchase amidst the glum Plaguebearers, Nurgle’s other daemons find the antics of the Sloppity Bilepipers hilarious. Unfortunately for their foes, this disease is incredibly infectious, and can cause mortals to laugh until their sides literally split. Despite their roles amusing the warbands of Nurgle as they march to war, the Sloppity Bilepiper is resigned to grim fate, eventually being reshaped into a set of pestilent gutpipes for the next victim of the Chortling Murrain to take up. 

A Lord of Blights is a brutish figure who creates and destroys in equal measure. Swollen with muscle, he lumbers into the midst of the foe swinging his bubotic hammer in thunderous arcs. Every impact shatters bone and ruptures organs, leaving his victims lying like bruised and rotten fruit on the ground. Yet this brutality has a purpose beyond simple murder – the Lord of Blights cultivates fine crops of death’s heads that he hands out to his warriors, enabling them to fling volleys of diseased projectiles. The Lord of Blights keeps the finest specimens for himself, hanging them from his gallowrack to hurl during battle. 

Interested in grabbing these new Nurgle miniatures for your army, make sure to grab them here at Element Games at a nice discount and with double loyalty points when using our TIM940 code.

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