Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Two Hour Wargames: Great Hall Burning - Miniature Viking Age Tabletop Adventure Rules

Two Hour Wargames: Great Hall Burning allows you to adventure during the Viking Age, the period from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century. If you succeed in battle and in your raids, you can raise your Social Standing and gather more men. As your Fame grows you rise in rank until someday, you are King. Or you could be… The journey is long, with many twists and turns, but if you keep your eye on the prize, it is attainable. But before you can be King, you’ll have to start at the bottom. Not the very bottom, but close to it. Available at The Wargame Vault here

You start in command of one Warband.  Inside you’ll find: Rules for fighting small Raids to large Stand Up Battles. Four Army Lists covering the people of the Viking Age. Rules for combat that work just as well for small skirmishes or big battles. A complete, but easy to track campaign system to give meaning to your games. A variety of pre-generated games. A complete Viking Settlement with different characters that allow you the option to play a little RPG-Lite. A low bookkeeping system to track how well you are doing. Retirement rules to determine how well or badly you ended up after your career has ended. All this and much more.

Great Hall Burning can be played solo, same side with everyone against the game, or head to head against your friends. Play with any figures you already have in any scale, metal, plastic or paper. Play with counters or pen and paper. Play it as a Campaign where all your battles are linked together or as a one-off game. Bottom line; just play it…you’ll be glad you did! Collect your crew; grab a boat and catch the wind. Your time has come, it’s time to see the … Great Hall Burning! Great Hall Burning is a stand-alone game and works with: Warrior Heroes: Legends, Warrior Heroes: 2nd Dawn, Legends of Araby and many other THW games.

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