Thursday, October 19, 2017

Slug Industries: Streetscape: 20/28mm Bocage Hedgerow Scenery Set Kickstarter

Slug Industries launched their new Streetscape: 20/28mm Bocage Hedgerow Scenery Set Kickstarter to fund the production of their brand new resin miniature bocage hedgerows! Check the Kickstarter here

As an avid gamer I'm always looking for a product to suit my rather fussy needs, and if I can't find it I make it and then share it with you. I've been looking around for a sturdy bocage set for some time. Usually they're quite delicate and shed flock each and every time you use them. As a solution I've made these solid resin ones, they can be painted as they come out of the box or better still be undercoated and flocked with the custom mixes supplied.

This set has been designed for both 20mm and 28mm scales, it's huge for 20mm and sizeable for the latter. The only not perfectly suitable cross scale piece is the gate piece, if you're pledging for 20mm you can swap this out for a similar sized medium piece. Here's a 28mm Hetzer next to a long piece, with some figures hiding. Here's a 20mm T-34 next to a short piece. Even a 20mm Elefant sits lower than a long piece.

There's sixteen pieces to each set, with no repeated pieces, consisting of three long, three medium (including a gate piece), four small, a pair of 45 degree turns, a pair of ninety degree turns, a ninety degree junction and a Y-junction. In total approximately 2.44 metres (8 foot) long.

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