Friday, October 6, 2017

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic Swedish Army Range and More Coming Soon

Perry Miniatures: And the new Napoleonic range is…. Swedish! Alan has started work on the Swedish Napoleonic Army and these are the first greens. He is concentrating on the 1808-9 period first but will cover earlier and later uniforms too. As many actions the Swedes were involved in during this period was in broken terrain and there was more emphases on open, skirmish warfare, it was, in this case, more appropriate to make Infantry in firing/skirmish poses early on in the range. Line battalions were drilled and at times expected to fight in dispersed order.

The figures are wearing the 1806 uniform and equipment. All the different regiments wore different colours on their collars, cuffs, turn-backs and lining, but the colour of the uniform was blue for all Swedish regiments (there are exceptions) and all the Finish regiments wore grey (again some exceptions). However in 1807 a new uniform was introduced which had exactly the same cut and details as the uniform of 1806. The color of that uniform was grey instead of blue for the entire army. The colour of collar, cuffs, turn-backs and lining was dark blue and at the same time a regimental badge was introduced on the front of the hat. This uniform was only worn by 3-4 infantry regiments, since most of the regiments had not worn out their older uniforms by the year 1807 and in 1809 the blue color for the uniforms was re-introduced.

Also shown here are some Danish Jaeger/Light Infantry for the same period which are close to being finished. There’s quite a few here but some will be in the command pack. Also shown is Gribeauval 8 pounder in travelling position. This along with a 4 pounder and 8pounder in firing position will be made available separately in the Egyptian Campaign range.

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