Thursday, October 12, 2017

Northstar Miniatures: New Plastic/Metal Sherwood Outlaws

Northstar Miniatures: Would you like a band of famous outlaws on your table-top? This new combination of figures gives you just that. The set includes a box of plastic Frostgrave Soldiers. These figures in themselves are good enough on their own to be outlaws, but to give them a more 'Sherwood' feel, we've included a set of 25 extra metal kit pieces that add exta bows, heads and equipment. To make this deal worthwhile, we've added a figure of Robin Hood and one of Maid Marion for free. Why not buy our Sherrif of Nottingham figure with a box of Conquest Games Normans for opponents? All figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and need assembling with glue.

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