Sunday, October 15, 2017

Eureka Miniatures: New 28mm A Right Bloody Mess & Mad Maximillian Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures: What do you do for thrills when you've given the best years of your youth as a fighter combat ace in the War to End All Wars? What happens when the whole deuced show goes and actually – ends? And they won't even let you keep your kite!

In a normal world, the soul-destroying answer would be, "go back to your job at the bank." Fortunately, the fates have no intention of condemning you to such a mundane existence for long. The 1930s have arrived, and a very uncivil war has broken out across this sunburnt country. The call to action is a clarion cry. They still won't let you have your plane, but you're not going to let that stop you. The auto is all the rage these days. A little elbow grease, engine oil, and old-fashioned ingenuity, and there's a whole new frontier stretching out before you in which to test your pilot's reflexes and your iron nerve.

Tally-Ho!All of the figures and vehicles we are releasing here came about due to the suggestion of Matthew Clarkson that a Civil War could have occurred in Australia in the 1930s, inspired by the Very British Civil War ranges from the U.K. The idea captured our imagination at Eureka, and we began telling others and a week after the initial thoughts, "Ty" Chapman brought us three converted and scratchbuilt models of automobiles from the 1930s that he had up-gunned. These in turn were spotted by Tony Ramsden who suggested they would be perfect for a "Mad Max" 1930s scenario.

That idea was then taken-up by Mana Press who have written, and are soon-to-print, a set of car racing and dueling rules called Maximillian 1934. Coming full circle, Matthew Clarkson will also be releasing a book soon, A Right Bloody Mess, which will be a full review of Australia's resources and capabilities in the 1930s, with suggestions as to how a Civil War would have progressed. It is an essential guide to creating scenarios in Australia at the time, and will be available soon through Eureka Miniatures.

To add depth to an Australian setting, we have commissioned Victorian police, gangs, animals, shearers and various vehicles. But don't feel you have to operate in the Wide Brown Land – nearly all the pieces can be used in any corner of the globe, let your imagination run free and conjure with the Jazz Age. We want to see what you come up with for this era. Figures and cars sculpted by Alan Marsh, Paul Clarke, and Tim Popelier. Sheep station by Battlefield Accessories.

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