Tuesday, October 3, 2017

BigRedBat: “To The Strongest!” Bundle on Introductory Sale

BigRedBat: I've introduced a bundle of products for anyone who wants to buy everything needed to play To the Strongest! in one go and with a healthy discount, to boot.

This bundle includes just about everything you might need to play a game of To the Strongest! – the physical edition of the v1.1a rules, the digital edition (which I will email to you), two decks of Roman-themed playing cards, 40 ammunition chits, 30 shock and lance chits and a dozen each disorder and hero chits. The cost of the items, bought individually, would be over £50. GBP until Saturday 10th October, 2017, the bundle, which will retail at £39.99 GBP, will be for sale at an introductory rate of £35.99 GBP. You might also like to purchase a gridded mat (not included) or a couple of decks of Egyptian-themed cards, so that you don't have to share a deck.

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