Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Studio Capitan: Marlburian Commander - Marlburian Wars Tactical Wargame Rules

Studio Capitan: “Marlburian Commander” (MC) is an adaptation of our Napoleonic rules “Divisional Commander”. The tactics of the Marlburian era, which embraced the Nine Years War and the War of the Spanish Succession (approx.1688 – 1720), evolved intothose of the Seven Years War and,still later, into those of the Napoleonic period. However, players used to the grand tactics of the 1800’s may well find that those of the 1700’s are slightly more ‘pedestrian’.

This said, in the days leading up to Marlborough, rigid linear formations were the rule on the battlefield, and most maneuvering was undertaken before the lines of battle were formed - after this, there was very little. However, tactics and strategy develop very quickly in times of war; in the case of the War of the Spanish Succession, linear tactics began to embrace more flexible formations, to increase firepower and enhance control.

We have retained the mechanisms that gave Divisional Commander a unique system of passing orders to the individual units in the field but have loosened the concentration on the chai of command. Also retained are the unit and commander characteristics which allow players a measure of customization to their armies and the use of disruption rather than casualties to represent the diminishing potency of units in the field.

The new aspects of MC include rules to cover national tactical doctrines – infantry in either “firing-by-rank utilize either shock, firepower or a mixture of the two, depending on the military teaching of their  country. Artillery is less maneuverablethan in the Napoleonic era, with contracted civilian drivers who take the guns to their position and then  retire to a safer location.

All this is represented in the game design. Players who are already familiar with Divisional Commander will have little trouble absorbing the MC concepts and systems and, for those who have not tried Divisional Commander, they should find MC an absorbing and rewarding wargames experience Included Army list for all the Major Nations of the era. Included High Resolution Cover & Back cover. Now available at The Wargame Vault here

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