Friday, September 22, 2017

Radio Dishdash Publishing: Skirmish Sangin Modern Warfare - Skirmish Afrika Supplement

Radio Dishdash Publishing: Afrika is an imagery continent set in the modern world. The book contains the detailed background of 14 new and original countries.Within this continent, its countries have a diverse range of problems that include everything from war-like aggressive Neighbours to internal dissent and terrorism. 

At the same time, these countries have to deal with the spectre of modern colonialism. This takes the form of aid dependency, unscrupulous trade deals and arms supplies from countries as diverse as China, India, Europe and the USA. The book contains 9 scenarios and all the background information players need to create forces (ORBATS) for each of the 14 countries as well as ORBATS for UN peacekeepers, Private Military contractors and Guerillas. Available at The Wargame Vault here

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