Friday, August 4, 2017

Khurasan Miniatures: New 15mm Later 14th Century Infantry

Khurasan Miniatures: We are very pleased to release six new codes for our 15mm later 14th century range, the first sets of men-at-arms on foot, and more sets of infantry.  

As most men-at-arms fought on foot in this period rather than mounted, these releases permit the gamer to build the basic components of armies of the period -- either an English herce (longbows flanking men at arms) or the French men at arms formations with crossbows supporting at a distance. In addition to the men-at-arms (these first sets are in jupons), we also have pavisiers, crossbowmen, and armed peasants. (Please note these are the larger "15mm" figures pioneered by Testudo which are now the size offered by several manufacturers.)

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