Saturday, July 29, 2017

BigRedBat: New Western Desert Wargaming Mats

BigRedBat: Today I’m launching the latest mat that I’ve imported from Deep-Cut Studios. These are called “Western Desert” and consist of sand and rocks interspersed with dusty bushes. I had the mats designed because I’d not come across a mat useable for the fighting in North Africa from 1940 to 1942; battles including Operation Crusader, Gazala and Alamein. They are, of course, also useful for many ancient and medieval battles in North Africa or Palestine.

I stock the mats in 6’ by 4’ and 4’ by 3’ sizes, both with and without grids. The gridded versions are perfect for games such as “to the Strongest” and the much anticipated “Rommel.” These cloth mats are light and can be washed, ironed, and folded or rolled away for storage. Hills can be placed on top or even, if shallow, underneath. The mats (along with many other designs) can be found in the BigRedBatShop here

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