Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Norba Miniatures: Fantasy Scenery Kickstarter Launched - Ruins and Watchtower Hill

Norba Miniatures: Scenography for Wargames by the spanish company Norba Miniatures, 28mm, scenery, terrain. Always offering quality at a fair price. Check the Kickstarter here

Our goal is to make known a new line of products of our company, based on scenography, to complement our Fantasy and Battle of the Ring ranges. In addition we want to gather the experience of this work to see how aspects can be improved, if any. We have collected the positive and negative points of other campaings to develop one that will fully satisfy customers, regarding to communication and quality of our products. If this project achieves the goals that we set, it will be the first of many, because we have more drawings of other models, some bigger that this ones. If you support us we will offer more scenography in our habitual prices.

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