Friday, June 16, 2017

NonSense Miniatures: Sally 4th's Terra-Blocks and NonSense Miniatures' Death Vally Rules Meet

NonSense Miniatures: After meeting at Salute some months ago, Sally 4th and NonSense were immediately impressed with each other’s ranges and thought that it would be great to collaborate.

Sally 4th has a great range of modern building interiors in their Terra-Block range and Nonsense have some nice miniature gangs and SWAT teams to populate them together with a set of skirmish rules, Death Valley to bring them together. Death Valley is an easy to learn set of rules, inspired by the ‘Doorkickers’ computer game that will provide a great game using a handful of gang or SWAT team figures together with some detailed interior terrain. Check the details  on Kickstarter here

It is great to be able to work together to bring a collaborative gaming vision to the tabletop. Sally 4th is currently running a Kick Starter campaign for Terra-Formers (their one foot square game tiles) and have put together a Death Valley Intro Pledge that contains the seven Nonsense Gangs of New York Miniatures together with a Terra-Block Starter Set that contains a set of building interiors that can be laid out in countless ways and one of their Terra-Former Bunker tiles. 20 of these sets are available at £47.50 which is a saving of just over 10%. You can also download the rules for free.

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