Monday, June 5, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls - 'Beyond the Door' and 'Eerie Silence' Boxed Sets

Manorhouse Workshop: It’s been a while since last update. We have been working a lot on the 3D Bases project, but also have news about Forgotten Halls, so here we are. Let’s start with some announcement that will make you rejoice. We are giving you a glimpse of the 2 boxes that will be revealed on our next KS: Starter Pack – Beyond the Door and Expansion Pack – Eerie Silence

Yes, you will have both available, right from the start. Isn’t it great? In our Base Set “Beyond the Door” you will be able to create corridors and rooms with our fully modular and Dynamic Walls, which can be used to build both indoor settings and outdoor buildings (while keeping full playability on the inside). And of course, thanks to our Dynamic Floors, you will be able to build from the start of the Kickstarter huge dungeons with sewers and canals. With the Expansion Set “Eerie Silence” you will move further, on the upper floors. You will find inside this box new Dynamic Walls, and new Double Face floors, Stairs, and balustrades to create parapets or bridges, all the while keeping the same indoor/outdoor potentialities and playability.

With the two boxes togethers, you will be able to let your imagination run wild: underground places, corridors, rooms, upper and lower floors, platforms and bridges, towers, fortified walls, ancient mansions and castles. Amazing, and this is just the beginning. Just imagine all you will be able to obtain with the passing days on the Kickstarter. But that will be just your imagination, because we can’t reveal you everything, we would spoil the surprise. And there are great, amazing surprises waiting. This is all for today. You might be asking yourself “Great, 2 boxes, but how much do they cost, what do they contain, when is the KS starting, what will be the Goal ?” All those informations will be revealed later on on the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned on our blog for more info!

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