Saturday, June 10, 2017

FSpace Publications: SeaLion Supremacy: World War 2 Naval Wargaming Rulebook

FSpace Publications: SeaLion Supremacy is World War 2 tabletop naval wargaming delivered in a format to use for both experienced wargamers, but also those new to the naval wargaming scene. Designed by a long term fan and user of other naval wargaming rules to present his own take on the genre.

Designed to be used with our range of WW2 hex counters and basemaps, players don't have to invest in expensive physical miniatures and can use counters (see seperate products) that are cheap to produce. the rules can be used with larger hex grids and physical miniatures if users decide to play it that way. The rules include fleet ship specs for the following Word War 2 navies: British, French, German, Italy, Japan and United States. Also included are specifications for various aircraft that be involved in these naval battles. Designed to be used with d6 dice. Our product WW2 Naval warship hex counters expansion pack 2contain the main counters for smokescreens, torpedoes and the likes used for these rules. This rulebook contains a mini A4 printable hex base for use in gaming if you don't get one of our A3 sea hex map products. Check out our other WW2 naval counters to pick and choose which fleets you want to use for your gaming requirements. Check this game here

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