Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eureka Miniatures: New Modern US Marines, Middle Eastern Civilians and Animals Released

Eureka Miniatures: To compliment our 28mm modern US Marine range Kosta Heristanidis has sculpted these fine new sets comprising Marine specialists and heavy weapons.

While elite units like the SEALs and Force Recon often receive the glory, it is the humble Marine who is called upon to take and hold the objective. After sixteen years of near continuous action they have become very proficient at molding themselves to their task. Consequently, the weapons and equipment of these frontline troops are, by necessity, constantly changing and evolving. Kosta has attempted to capture a 'look' that best represents the widest spread of time over this long-running conflict. Check all pictures of the Marines and Civilians here

28mm US Marines

100MOD171 US Marine with M32 Grenade Launcher (2)
100MOD172 US Marine .50cal HMG Team - 2 figures (1)
100MOD173 US Marine EOD Team - (EOD Robot and Operator, K9 and Handler with mine detector, Technician wearing Bomb Suit)
100MOD174 US Marine Scout Sniper team with Barrett rifle - 2 figs (1)
100MOD175 US Marine Corpsman with casualty - 2 figs (1)

And speaking of time, to further enhance this release we present a collection of civilian sets that, while fitting perfectly into the same modern theatre as the Marines, can also, in most cases, be used for a large variety of other time periods. These sets - sculpted by Alan Marsh (with some very useful additions from Kosta) - are designed to give your modern scenarios just the right touch of local colour.

28mm Civilians

100CIV45 Goat herders - six goats, two shepherds (1)
100CIV46 Goat Cart with load and driver (1)
100CIV47 Flatbed mule Cart with Oil Drums and driver (1)
100CIV48 Flatbed mule Cart with boxes, crates and driver (1)
100CIV48 Mule Train - three laden mules and two drivers (1)
100ANM11 Goats (3)
100ANM13 Mule (3)

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